National Roof Certification and Inspection Association

Course Description:

The NRCIA Roof Inspection Certificate Class is your first step in becoming the most knowledgeable roofing inspector you can be. Take this course to understand the compelling reasons to participate in the growing demand for performing roof certifications. Participation in the class also elevates you one more step in the NRCIA membership process to Professional Member with the next step being Certified Member. This class will give you the knowledge to understand the roof certification process and how to use it
to manage your risk on a typical home inspection. You will also gain an understanding as to how to develop your own roof certification business in your area.

NRCIA Roof Inspections Course
I. Course Description
A. Participant Profile
B. Learning Objective
C. Course Overview

II. What is the National Roof Certification and Inspection Association
A. Mission of the NRCIA
B. What is a roof certification
C. The NRCIA Patented Roof Inspection and Certification Process
1. The Official Gazette
2. NRCIA Inspection Protocols
3. Inspection and Certification Flowchart
4. What a Patent Means
D. NRCIA LeakFREE® Roof Certification Criteria
E. NRCIA Web Based Inspection PLUS® Reporting Software
1. A Fully Dynamic Web Based Software
2. Log-in
3. Inserting new customer lead
4. Launching Inspection
5. Inserting Photos
6. Organizing by Sections
7. Observations
a. Utilizing Observation Library
b. Creating Your Own Library
8. Creating a Repair Estimate
a. Contractor Relationships
9. Answering the Inspection Questions
a. Previewing the Visual ROOF® Inspection Report
b. Publishing the Visual Roof Inspection Report
10. Uploading the completed repair Photos to Issue a LeakFREE® Roof Certification
11. Answering The LeakFREE® Roof Certification Questions
a. Previewing the LeakFREE® Roof Certification
b. Publishing the LeakFREE® Roof Certification

III. Overview of an Actual Inspection

IV. NRCIA Educational Program
A. Safety Course
B. NRCIA Inspection Protocols
C. Roof Installations
1. Videos
D. Inspection Checklist
E. Limiting or Eliminating Your Roof Related Liability
1. Types of Inspections Offered
a. LeakFREE Roof Inspection for a LeakFREE Roof Certification
b. Forensic Roof Inspection
2. LeakFREE Roof Certification Terms and Conditions
3. Recommended Language for Home Inspection Reports
4. Brochures with opt-out section
F. 30 Question Exam

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